The world has changed. Since 1998 an action-based movement has eclipsed the normal lives that citizens previously enjoyed. This movement, identified as Jihadism, has changed the world forever. Currently, there is a major Jihadist attack somewhere in the world every three days. According to a new study that tracks casualties to Jihadism, approximately 28,500 people are killed by radical extremists every year. From 2001-2005 the average was 2,500.

This movement is fueled by a profound ideology that believes if one doesn’t follow a very particular theology they must convert or be killed. The problem is neither concerned citizens nor the warfighters engaged against this movement understand this enemy. Further, we as citizens don’t understand what motivates them, what their Modus Operandi is, or more importantly what their long term goal is.

The good news is that Red Rock Global Security Group does understand this enemy. Red Rock GSG is a small group of professional practitioners who have spent their careers studying, strategizing, engaging, and defeating this enemy. Red Rock GSG was conceived and started based on a belief that something has to be done.

Red Rock GSG knows, however, that this has to be done collectively. Concerned citizens, members of our military, and all of law enforcement need to understand, identify, and thwart the actions of this enemy. Red Rock GSG is dedicated to training and equipping individuals and groups to do their part in defeating this jihadist movement.