Security and Terrorism Threat Assessment:

The following assessments and analysis can be conducted at a cursory or in-depth level based on the needs of your organization.  You will be provided with a detailed written report to include objective findings and practical recommendations.

  • Travel Planning Assistance, Advance Work, and Accompaniment (Personal Security Detail) – Is the hotel you’re planning to stay at really “secure” and safe?  We can complete a pre-trip analysis  and recommendations report prior to your or your team’s departure.  We have been traveling to and living in many of the regions you will be traveling to.  We can provide a timely analysis drawing from various intelligence databases, evaluating the geo-political situation, and conducting up to date security assessments.  If necessary, we can send an advance team to your destination to physically assess hotels, driving routes, transportation companies, regional/country threats, and other factors as part of an in-depth security analysis.
  • Facility / Site Security Assessments – The appearance of security doesn’t necessarily translate to real security. Organizations are vulnerable internally as well as externally as a result of local and regional threats.  Red Rock GSG can travel to your location or to locations worldwide and conduct a security assessment of your building(s), office(s), a hotel you intend to stay at, or other locations and provide an in-depth written report of our findings.
  • Terrorism Threat Analysis (Local Jurisdiction/Domain) – As the terrorism threat continues to increase, organizations are constantly facing a changing and more complex enemy.  We can conduct a cursory or in-depth analysis of threats facing an organization, a group of your executives heading out on travel, or a planned business trip for the CEO.  The analysis will be objective and realistic and will include recommended measures to mitigate the identified threat(s).
  • Terrorism Document/Propaganda Evaluation/Assessments  – We are the preeminent organization for analyzing and providing discernment regarding Islamic propaganda.  With years of experience conducting operational evaluations of such propaganda, Red Rock GSG has the background and experience to provide a quantitative assessment of written, verbal, or video propaganda.
  • Individual/Group Radicalization Assessments – Sometimes the gravest concern for an organization comes from an insider threat.  An individual or group within an organization may be exhibiting indicators causing concern.  We can conduct a discreet assessment of the potential threat and provide management an empirical and external evaluation of the situation.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) – “Bug Sweeps” – Protecting Sensitive Organizational Information

  • TSCM Inspections – Cyber-attacks are certainly a threat and can wreak havoc on an organization.  However, 75% of lost trade secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive business information is the result of physical penetration and placement of transmitters and recorders.  This type of attack is becoming increasingly problematic due to the miniaturization of electronic circuitry and the advent of using GSM technology in these devices.  TSCM inspections are intended to prevent this type of loss.  As a value-added benefit to our clients we conduct a physical security assessment as part of the TSCM inspection at no additional charge.
  • Live Monitoring of Sensitive Meetings – With the proliferation of cell phone “spy ware” and “zombie phones” the threat of sensitive meetings being compromised is on the rise.  Even though cell phones and other electronics may be prohibited in confidential meetings they can be smuggled in under clothing or in bags.  Our live monitoring capabilities will provide an immediate alert if a text message is sent or received or if a cell phone microphone is activated.  Additionally, we have the capability to detect a cell phone even if it is in standby mode.  Our equipment will direct us to the person in possession of the phone.
  • Physical Security Assessments (Technical) – Even with the investment of substantial amounts of money for access control and other security measures your office space or residence may not be as secure as you think.  A thorough security assessment will reveal gaps in your security posture and allow for any corrective measures needed. We are able to focus on the security of an entire facility or complex or on smaller spaces where sensitive information is discussed.

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