Crisis Response Assistance and Consultation 

Crisis resolution is dependent on strong leadership, an understanding of the situation on the ground, and extensive experience managing emergencies.  Red Rock GSG can conduct a thorough evaluation of any crisis situation faced by an organization and assist in an effective resolution.

  • Crisis Response Team (CRT) formation, direction, and assistance in managing a crisis – When an organizational emergency arises  coordination at headquarters and on the ground can frequently be rife with confusion and lack of information.  We can assist at the headquarters level or in the field to stabilize the event and establish a mechanism to successfully resolve the event regardless of duration.
  • Hostage Event Management Assistance – This is a worst-case scenario for any organization.  The early stages of a kidnapping are critical and must be managed properly.  We can coach the most likely persons to be contacted by the kidnappers on desirable dialog during the first contact with the kidnappers.  We can also coach the organization and family of the hostage with regards to resolution and recovery.  Interaction with the government entities responsible for this type of situation can be complicated.  We have experience with these issues and can advocate on your behalf.  We have an FBI trained negotiator available to assist with your resolution strategy and fill the void known in the kidnapping world as a “third party intermediary,” a person designated to represent the family in kidnapping cases and to assist with negotiations.

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